Wolfgang Warisch Ingenieurbüro für Membranbau und Tragwerksplanung

Services for building physics of IB Warisch:

  • Thermal insulation certificate EnEV 2004
  • Thermal insulation certificate DENA with energy demand pass
  • Calculation of vapour diffusion
  • Proof of mildew
  • Sound insulation
  • Fire resistance period of primary structure

  • Building physics for membrane structures



Thermal insulation certificate EnEV 2004 or DENA with "Blower-Door-Test” inclusive for warranty of gas-tightness and maximization of damping to reduce costs and to issue the energy demand pass for all kind of buildings. Existing buildings as well as new buildings which need energy demand pass as from 2006 are also included.

Calculation of vapour diffusion to locate condensate and to avoid mildew.

Sound insulation certificate DIN 4109, sound insulation in building constructions.

Fire protection certificate DIN 4102 with certificate of all static supporting building parts for dividing into fire resistance classification F0 to F90.