Wolfgang Warisch Ingenieurbüro für Membranbau und Tragwerksplanung
  • Shell constructions
  • Indoor membrane constructions
  • Net constructions
  • Pneumatic structure constructions

Design and entire realization.
From basic evaluation and concept design to completion of the building, for example
the equestrian coverings.

  • Steel buildings
  • Spectator stands
  • Coverings
  • Bearing structures

We deal with requests of all work phases up to workshop drawings.

  • Residential buildings and Housing estates
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings, underground parking
  • Office buildings and Schools

Calculations and plan of execution for buildings with reinforced concrete framing and pre-cast concrete floors as well as constructions in brickwork.

Wolgang Warisch Wortbildmarke

We want to thank all clients for the good,
spontaneous and stable collaboration.